6 Things to Do In 20 Minutes or Less to Instantly Increase Your Etsy Sales

We’ve been there.

That frustrating dip in Etsy sales – or, even worse, no sales at all.

Watching other shops land sale after sale after sale, even though your shop is just as good (if not better!).

Wondering if maybe you’re not cut out for this Etsy selling thing. If maybe you should just throw in the towel and give up on your dream of becoming a pro Etsy seller forever.

But don’t – because even though we’ve been there, we’ve worked our way out of the sales rut, and you can too.

Here are 8 things you can do in less than 20 minutes each to instantly increase the traffic to your shop – and by extension, your sales.

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1. Increase Etsy Sales by Fixing Your Tags

If there is one thing that far too many people do wrong that costs them traffic, traction, and sales, it’s that they ignore their tags.

Your Etsy tags are secret weapon and you don’t want to let that opportunity for bringing in more sales go to waste. So make sure the tags on your listings are on-point.

Ensure that they’re ultra-specific, and answer the questions what is it, who is it for, what is the material. Also include any tags that might be item-specific. For example, if it’s a Christmas item, make sure to tag it as such.

Here’s a helpful guide on Etsy tags to help you fix this common problem.

2. Increase Etsy Sales by Refreshing Your Images

When there is a shop that has great products and good descriptions but is struggling to make sales, it’s usually because of photography.

Don’t worry – I’m not going to say you need to go out and spend a bunch of money on a brand new DSLR. Your phone camera should be able to take perfectly good images for your shop.

But I will say that if you didn’t use an touch-up app like Snapseed to make your photos look shop-worthy, then you should go back and do that.

Even a quick image refresh can lead to far more sales, and you can “edit” your photos in Snapseed in less than five minutes.

3. Increase Etsy Sales by Playing with Your Listing Titles

Etsy is, at it’s core, a search engine.

I know you might think I’m crazy right now, but hear me out:

When you land on Etsy, you’re usually looking for something, right? You’re looking for a wedding gift or a new pair of earrings or the perfect party invitations. So, what do you do when you’re looking for something online?

Well, you use the search available. Almost every single person who lands on Etsy uses the search. Etsy just so happens to be a search engine that gives you only handmade and vintage product results.

So this means that you absolutely need to have your listing titles optimized for search. One common mistake with Etsy sellers is that they try to be too clever and witty. They name their items something cute or funny, which is great for brands like OPI since everyone is already familiar with their brand, but not great for you as an Etsy seller.

You’re losing sales if your listings aren’t keyword optimized. So play with your listing titles to include those valuable keywords. What would people search if they were to try to find your products in Etsy?

You can always find keyword volume using Google’s keyword planner – if people type in that phrase on Google, chances are they’d use it on Etsy too.

4. Increase Etsy Sales By Including a Link Back to Your Shop in Your Listings

Have you ever been there?

You’re searching on Etsy for something, and you see a listing that might fit the bill. You open the listing up, begin to read through it, and realize it’s not quite right.

You could either press the “back” button and get lost in a sea of results, or – if only the shop owner had included a link back to their own shop in the description itself….

After all, they almost had what you were looking for. Just not quite. Why not check the shop to see if there is a variation that suits you?

Think of this from your buyer’s perspective. Including a link back to your shop in your listings gives them continuity with your shop and even if they didn’t find what they were looking for right off the bat, you’re capturing them to take a look further. So add those links in your descriptions.

5. Increase Etsy Sales by Checking Your Expired Listings

Maybe I’m stupid, but I think this has happened to many a new Etsy seller in the past:

A few months into running my Etsy shop and I was at the peak of wedding season. Since my products are wedding related, I was making a ton of sales and had a lot of interest. But I noticed something odd…

One of my designs which had previously been selling like crazy was not selling at all.

This went on for weeks until I finally investigated what was wrong, and it turned out that my listings for that design had expired.

Maybe I was being dumb, but when I looked into it, I wasn’t the only one who had experienced that. And I lost many a sale to the “expired listing” syndrome.

6. Increase Etsy Sales by Opening International Shipping

In the EtsyHowTo Facebook group in December, Maria mentioned that 30% of her sales come from Australia and the UK.

If you are not in the US, 70-90% of your sales will come from the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Only shipping nationally is a huge mistake for almost every Etsy seller. If you’re not already shipping internationally, spend the next 15 minutes setting international shipping profiles for your shop. You can thank us later as you see your sales increase like crazy. 🙂

There are many reasons why products don’t sell on Etsy. These are not the only solutions, but if you don’t have a ton of time or budget to blow on your Etsy shop, start here.

Over the next week, spend 20 minutes per day playing with these suggestions.

And report back – which made the biggest impact? Were you surprised by any?